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Yoga FAQ

Island Life Yoga Soulard mandala
Island Life Yoga Soulard mandala
Island Life Yoga Soulard mandala
Island Life Yoga Soulard mandala

Are your classes friendly to “new to yoga” folks?

​Absolutely! We will offer a beginner class three days a week, but all of the classes will be focused on being accessible to all different fitness levels. As instructors we will always give modifications for people who aren’t as flexible or who aren’t comfortable with certain poses or movements. We realize that yoga studios can be intimidating to some people, and here at Island Life we are going for the opposite of that! All are welcome!

How do I sign up for classes? Can I book online?

Great question! You can book classes and pay for them directly from our website, on the bottom of every page under the book classes button. We offer memberships, 5 and 10 packs, and drop in classes. And gift certificates for that lucky someone who needs a bit of Zen in their life.

Can I just drop in for a class?

As our class sizes are limited we highly recommend booking in advance.

What is the class size?

Our classes max out at six students and one instructor. Our goal always is to keep it small and inclusive, with plenty of teacher and student interaction.

Do I need my own mat?

You must bring your own mat, we are not currently able to lend any mats or props to our students.

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in! Sweats, leggings, t-shirts or tanks. Whatever gives you free range of movement and makes you feel good. We will practice barefooted, so keep that in mind also.

Do I need to get in shape before I start yoga?

Absolutely not! One of the most beautiful aspects of yoga is that it is accessible to people of all sizes, fitness levels, and ages.

When is the best time of day to practice yoga?

Whenever you can fit it into your day and you feel energetic is the best time. That may be different for everyone.

I heard that you shouldn’t eat before yoga, is that true?

Common practice is to refrain from eating for 2 hours before you practice, or just having a small piece of fruit.

Okay! I’m new to yoga, which class should I take first?

If you’ve never done yoga, pilates or group fitness classes before, here are a couple of classes to consider starting with:

island life yoga and nutrition st louis hatha morning flow class

Hatha Morning Flow

clock icon

Mon, Wed, Fri
10:30 am – 11:30 am

intermediate symbol island life yoga and nutrition st. louis missouri


Energizing class with full-body movements, sun salutations, and core work for empowerment and flexibility.

island life yoga and nutrition sunday funday yoga st louis mo

Sunday-Funday Yoga

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10:30 am – 11:30 am

island life yoga and nutrition soulard all levels symbol

All Levels

Balance body and mind in a Hatha practice, suitable for all levels, connecting breath and movement for a rejuvenating Sunday recharge.

I’m pretty experienced in yoga, what classes should I join?

If you’re an ‘ol pro and want to maintain your pace or step it up to the next level, here are a few classes we think you’ll love:

island life yoga and nutrition st louis power vinyasa flow class

Power Vinyasa Flow

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6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

intermediate symbol island life yoga and nutrition st. louis missouri

Intermediate to Advanced

Breath-to-movement, full-body sculpting, and challenging for yoga or fitness enthusiasts.

island life yoga and nutrition st louis fitness class


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5:30 pm – 6:15 pm

advanced symbol island life yoga and nutrition soulard


Our class uses body weight, and light weights for long, lean muscle, core strength and breath control. Combining yoga, ballet, weightlifting and personal training, it’s now a fan favorite!