About Us

island life yoga and nutrition soulard inside building

About Us

Island Life Yoga Soulard mandala
Island Life Yoga Soulard mandala
Island Life Yoga Soulard mandala
Island Life Yoga Soulard mandala
island life yoga and nutrition outside building

Island Life, serving the St. Louis community for five years, is situated in the heart of historic Soulard, housed in a stunning 1890s brick three-story building. Our studio, a sanctuary for yoga, fitness, and Pilates enthusiasts, embraces inclusivity, welcoming all individuals regardless of gender, identity, age, size, or race. Join us in celebrating diversity at our safe and sacred haven.

Our Instructors

Megan A – Yoga, Pilates, And Personal Training

Megan is the founder & studio owner, head yoga instructor and personal trainer at Island Life. She has been in the fitness and personal training industry for 10 years, and began practicing yoga in 2013. She became certified as a yoga instructor deep in the jungles of Hawaii in the time a volcano was erupting in 2018. Her journey as a yogini was literally forged in the fires of the the earth and the creation of new land, and (we like to think) blessed by the volcano goddess Pele.

island life yoga and nutrition megan
island life yoga and nutrition jen

Jen D – Yoga

​ Jen has practiced yoga on and off throughout her entire life seeking yoga to ease the stress of corporate life. Jen became a 200-hour yoga instructor in 2013. Jen’s yoga classes promote self-awareness, resiliency, flexibility, strength and stress reduction. Jen continues to explore ways to incorporate the benefits of mindfulness training into everyday life and delights in helping others find ways to enjoy the benefits of these practices for themselves.

Allison B – Yoga

Allison is a student at Saint Louis University studying Physical Therapy and Dance. Allison enjoys incorporating elements of dance and a sense of individuality into her yoga flows while introducing new challenges that will keep every student eager to come back. She officially became certified to teach yoga during the summer of 2021 in Costa Rica and has continued to learn more about herself and her own yoga practice ever since. Allison’s goals during her classes are that you feel free to express yourself and have fun during her yoga flows.

island life yoga and nutrition allison
island life yoga and nutrition mallory

Mallory M – Personal Training

Mallory has a passion for using exercise and movement as tools to help people feel better and live their best life. She received her personal training certificate from National Academy of Sports Medicine. In addition to being a personal trainer, Mallory is a chiropractor. Her chiropractic background has given her a strong understanding of how the human body works. She uses exercises and stretches to help patients with rehabilitation and has gained an appreciation for how movement can heal the body.

Casey – Yoga

Casey is an experienced 200-level CYT who teaches vinyasa, hatha, and slow flow styles. She fell in love with the practice of yoga in 2009 and has been teaching since 2017. Her classes blend mindfulness and breathwork with creative movement and flow. Casey teaches yoga with the intention of helping others find a moment of peace in their own lives.

island life yoga and nutrition casey